Do You Know How Many Steps Pedometer Readings Show You Take?

Whether you are looking to maintain or lose weight, walking is a great way to start. You’ll want to know how many steps pedometer readings show you take on a daily basis. A pedometer shows you how many steps you’ve taken. The National Institute of Health (NIH) recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity per week for adults to stay healthy.  According to the NIH, moderate intensity activity means that you should be able to raise your heart rate while breathing and speaking comfortably.  

how many steps pedometerWhile 150 minutes of exercise sounds like a lot, it’s easy to break it down into manageable chunks of time, consider walking 30 minutes per day, five days per week and you’ve reached your goal! If 30 minutes a day is difficult to manage, break down the time to three 10 minute walks per day.  Walking is an easy way to help maintain or lose weight, and using a pedometer helps you keep track.

The Benefits of Walking With a How Many Steps Pedometer

Walking has many benefits including reducing your risk of health problems and boosting your mood.  Walking with a how many steps pedometer provides you with additional benefits such as:

  • Pedometer users walked an extra 2,000 steps or 1 mile per day than non-pedometer users.
  • Basic pedometers come in a range of prices from $15-35.
  • Walking with a pedometer and setting a 10,000 steps per day goal helps you track your activity.
  • Pedometers show even the small changes, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

The great thing about walking is that it’s free and can be done just about anywhere.  When you use a pedometer, you can plan how to reach your daily goal. If you don’t enjoy walking, try walking with a friend, walking to run your errands instead of driving or taking public transportation, walk the dog, or listen to music or podcasts to keep you entertained.  It’s easy to make walking part of your regular routine by starting out small.  

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