DIY Corporate Wellness Incentives

Corporate wellness is becoming a big business, with more and more employers implementing programs all the time. They are embracing the fact that encouraging their employees to be healthy not only results in a happier, more productive workplace, but also in lower health insurance costs for the company as a whole.

Corporate-Wellness-IncentivesSome companies have huge corporate wellness budgets, and are paying for gym memberships and offering cash wellness program incentives. We know that not all companies are at a point where such programs are feasible, but there are corporate wellness incentives for employers at every scale. We’ve put together a list of low-cost, DIY ideas to give your workplace a jump on wellness.

Easy Employee Wellness Incentives

  • Casual Days – It doesn’t get any easier than offering a casual dress day as a reward for completing a simple wellness activity!
  • Parking Spots – Everyone knows a good parking space is worth its weight in gold. If your office is in a more urban setting, consider offering transit passes or bike maintenance subsidies.
  • Movie Day – Reward your employees with a healthy lunch and a screening of a fun movie once a month.
  • Picnic Lunch – During spring and summer months, a casual picnic in a local park can do wonders for morale and turn a mundane Tuesday into a celebration. Offer group yoga or dance before the meal.
  • Raffle Time! – Consider asking local companies for donated goods or discounts on items for a raffle. Everyone who participates in your designated wellness activity will earn an entry.
  • Recognition – Give employees a shout-out in company newsletters or on the website, recognizing their wellness achievements.

These corporate wellness incentives won’t break the bank and work as great rewards for simple activities.

Tips for implementing your wellness incentive program:

  • Present rewards in a timely manner after the accomplishment, not weeks later.
  • Make sure that goals and participation requirements are clearly communicated.
  • Use rewards to motivate employees to start (or continue working on) activities they are already interested in. (Maybe you know you have some very, very, part time joggers in your employ. Offer an incentive to complete a 5K.)

If you’d like some help designing corporate wellness incentives for your workplace, or would like some additional ideas, contact Wellworks For You today!

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