Disease Management in the Workplace

In this day and age, companies are experiencing the urgent need to reduce or minimize health related expenses related to insurance, sick leave, workers compensation and more. In addition to that being a goal, most corporations have always made it a goal to maximize employee productivity in order to increase profits and overall corporate efficiency. Now, many workplaces are finding that there is a means for accomplishing both of these goals simultaneously – through the implementation and proper management of corporate wellness programs.

Disease Management

Corporate wellness programs can include a wide variety of different educational components, health activities, disease management, exercise challenges, health screenings and more. But in order to know what your company’s employees really need and could benefit from, you need a management company that is experienced in collecting data and advising on effective wellness program techniques. Wellworks for You is a qualified provider of wellness management services and our business is especially unique in this field because we focus heavily on data-driven strategies and numbers-based results. In this field, the statistics matter and we are committed to providing each of our corporate clients with all of the information and support they need to run a successful corporate wellness campaign.

In reference specifically to disease management, Wellworks for You can help your company run assessments to determine which potential health risks your employees are most likely to face. Then, based on the results generated from our analysis, we can develop customized wellness programs for you that will target those specific health challenges and focus on addressing potential problems before they become serious. In this way, a large percentage of your employee base can essentially be receiving informed medical care in a preventative manner that could change the course of their life over the next several decades. This could also change things drastically for your company’s bottom line. Think about how an effective disease management strategy could reduce long term costs and boost productivity!

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