What Difference Do Health Coaching Services Make?

Imagine you’re back in your school days.  In the first class, you are in a lecture hall with hundreds of other students.  Although the teacher tries to connect with the class, the generic approach leaves you feeling uninspired.  In the next class, you are working one on one with a teacher or tutor.  He or she knows your background, and keeps a close eye on your progress, encouraging you as you take steps towards an objective.  Which one of these classes is more rewarding?  Just as individualized attention has a clear advantage in the classroom, as well as in the world of health and wellness.  Through health coaching services from Wellworks For You, your employees can tap into the power of individualized accountability to change their lives.

health coaching services

Health coaching services are one of the keys to an engaging corporate wellness program because they create the opportunities for customization, personalization, and accountability.  Through a unique web portal, health coaches can log in, track employee progress, review data, and record the progress that has been made.  Similarly, participating employees can log in to access the personalized services of the coaches.  These regular interactions with a health and wellness expert invested in the individual’s progress make a vast difference in their potential success.
Although health coaching services can be effective on their own, they also offer unmatchable support to other Wellworks For You programs and initiatives.  So, if you already have a smoking cessation program or pedometer challenge in progress, adding health coaching can help you maximize the results you see.  This optimization benefits your individual employees as well as your company as a whole as healthier lifestyles lead to increased productivity and overall lower costs, among other benefits.  For more information about how health coaching services can benefit your corporate wellness program, contact us today at 610.572.1760.

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