Define Smoking Cessation

What Is Smoking Cessation?

A good way to define smoking cessation is simply helping people to quit smoking cigarettes which are damaging to their career, health, and family. It is estimated that over 40 million adults are currently addicted to smoking cigarettes in America. 1 out of every 5 deaths is related to diseases caused by smoking. Not only is smoking cigarettes damaging for your health, but it’s also hurting the health of those around you – co-workers, family members, or anyone else breathing in harmful secondhand smoke. Side effects of smoking include negative effects on every organ of the body, lung disease, arthritis, diabetes, dental problems, cancer, and even death.define smoking cessation

A Very Popular Program

Because of all the negative effects of smoking, a smoking cessation program is a very popular and relevant way to help your employees. Defining smoking cessation programs is simple – put a program and support in place to help your employees quit smoking for good. Quitting smoking can drastically reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, stroke, and other types of cancer. We recommend that you offer a combination of behavioral therapy, individual or group counseling, medications (if necessary, for the transition), and interactive options for treatment.

Incorporate It Now

If you’re ready to help your employees get serious about their health, this is a perfect way to start. Define smoking cessation for them, show them how valuable this program will be, and recruit the support of the rest of company leadership. A smoking cessation program offers you a real chance to change your employees’ lives for the better. Contact Wellworks for more unique ideas for your corporate wellness program. Or visit our blog to see what we offer in relation to smoking cessation programs. It’s guaranteed to be a success!

Define Smoking Cessation | Defining Smoking Cessation