Decrease the Effects of Diabetes With A Diabetes Prevention Control Program

Each year 1.7 million Americans, 20 years old and older are diagnosed with diabetes. Another staggering number is 86 million Americans, 20 years old and older, are pre-diabetic. The chances of some of your employees being diabetic or pre-diabetic are highly likely. What does that mean for you as an employer?  As an employer your healthcare costs are higher, there’s a decrease in workplace productivity, and those with diabetes are more likely to be absent from work more often.

diabetes prevention control programWhat can you do as an employer?  As an employer taking an interest in the health and wellness of your employees is not only beneficial to you, but to your employees too.  Providing your workplace with Disease Management that includes a diabetes prevention control program can decrease the negative effects of diabetes.

How A Diabetes Prevention Control Program Works For You

At Wellworks For You , our clinically focused health assessment tools gives you an advantage at determining who is high risk, and  those that can be helped with early intervention.  Our goal is to provide the tools for your employees to get healthy, get fit, and let diabetes be a thing of the past.

With our diabetes prevention and control program we offer your employees the benefits of a health coach. A health coach can set you on the road to success by carving out a comprehensive health plan.  Our health coaches focus on:

  • Weight loss/Weight Management
  • Nutrition
  • Getting Active/Exercise
  • Meals On The Go
  • Tips for managing diabetes

Our comprehensive health plans hold your employees accountable, but gives them incentives to keep fighting the good fight.  Getting healthy should be the best incentive, but sometimes people just need that little extra push.  The benefits don’t stop there!  As an employer you’ll notice that investing in the health of your employees is an investment in your company. When a health intervention takes place you’ll discover your employees taking less time off of work, see an increase in work productivity, and a decrease in the cost of healthcare.

If you’re interested in learning more about our disease management program, and how it can help with diabetes prevention and control,  please contact us today at 800.425.4657

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