A work environment filled with happier, more productive employees with improved levels of wellness can certainly indicate success. What other signs demonstrate your workplace’s custom wellness platforms are succeeding? Find out if customizable wellness options can fulfill the needs of your workplace.

Five-Question Quiz to Gauge Your Knowledge of Custom Wellness Platforms

As employers and employees become more cognizant of the importance and value of workplace wellness, more studies are highlighting why customizable options in employee wellness programs are necessary. Ask yourself the following quiz questions to learn where your corporate wellness platform stands in terms of customization:

  1. Does Your Company Wellness Program Offer Personalized Options?
    At Wellworks For You, we offer companies access to a comprehensive Wellness Portal, which allows employees to take individualized health assessments, review their wellness program requirements and progress, access personal health and fitness information, and more. Each employee can personally monitor and track their own important health goals.
  2. custom wellness platformsDoes Your Workplace Wellness Platform Provide Varied Challenges?
    Wellness challenges are one of the best ways to entice employees to participate in workplace health and wellness. Our individual and group wellness challenges with differing themes, durations, and incentives appeal to a diverse range of employee preferences and fitness levels.
  3. Is Health Coaching Part of Your Employee Wellness Platform?
    Health coaching can provide employees with valuable fitness, nutrition, and stress management tools. In addition, having telephonic and in-person health coaching options gives employees even more choices when customizing their experience.
  4. Does Your Health and Wellness Program Offer a Range of Wellness Incentives?
    Although monetary incentives are certainly a favorite, employees also value incentives such as gym memberships, time off from work, and other unique rewards for achieving health-related goals.
  5. Are There Plenty of Options to Promote Emotional, Mental, and Physical Wellness?
    One of the most prevalent attributes of successful custom wellness platforms is a holistic foundation. At Wellworks For You, all of our programs—corporate lunch and learns, e-learning sessions, and health fairs, to name a few—can be tailored to support emotional, mental, and physical wellness topics and goals.

Your Results

If, after quizzing yourself with the five questions above, you’ve determined that your company could benefit from a more customized wellness platform, Wellworks For You can help. We routinely work with companies of all shapes and sizes to adopt comprehensive, personalized, and customizable workplace wellness programs.

To learn more about how to build a corporate wellness platform for success, get started today by calling us at 800-425-4657.