Cost of Corporate Wellness Programs

When it comes down to it, most employers are interested in starting a corporate wellness program in their company, but they always want to know what the cost of corporate wellness programs usually is. There will be some upfront costs involved before you start seeing results. Hiring a corporate wellness company to help you is highly recommended. They can help you formulate a program, educate you about the legal side of things, and give you all the resources you’re going to need. Each wellness company is different, so shop around in your area. Wellworks For You is proud to serve the larger Philly area, as well as many states across the country.

cost of corporate wellness programs

One corporate wellness programs cost includes staff time spent on developing the program. Some larger companies spend anywhere from 3-6 months preparing to launch their corporate wellness program. It is recommended to have a small wellness committee in the office that takes care of all the details. The actual cost for the entire program depends on how many employees you have and how comprehensive and effective you want your program to be. We’ve found that the more successful wellness programs were planned and implemented well.

If you want to start a medium sized program with some activities, you’ll be spending between $16-$35/employee. If you want the best program out there that’s both comprehensive and effective (which will help you save the most money), you’ll be spending $74-$112/employee. Smaller companies might want to go for the more expensive options. Even though your budget is small, you have less employees and you want to see a return on your investment. The more successful and engaging your program is, the bigger your ROI is. Contact Wellworks to find out more about the cost of corporate wellness programs.

Cost Of Corporate Wellness Programs | Corporate Wellness Programs Cost