Corporate Wellness Works for Your Company, Your Employees, and You

Are you looking for ways to create a more successful working environment, one in which your employees are happier, healthier, and attendance and production both increase? If so, then you should consider utilizing a corporate wellness program, because with Wellness For You, corporate wellness works. Furthermore, because Wellworks For You incorporates multi-dimensional, personalized, and participation-based programs, Wellworks For You has a proven track record of Return on Investment.

corporate wellness works

Corporate wellness works because healthier employees are proven to be much more productive, happier, exhibit lower levels of stress, and take less sick time off. Another added benefit of these programs is that team-work based or competition-driven incentives can build camaraderie between employees in your organization. Due to the implementation of wellness programs through Wellworks For You, the health of your employees and company can drastically improve in all of these ways.


The Programs Through Which Corporate Wellness Works


At Wellworks For You, wellness program professionals understand that not all companies, nor all company demographics, are the same. That is why Wellworks For You has over a dozen different programs from which you can choose the best that will suit your company’s employee population. The Wellworks For You programs include the following:


  • Know Your Number ® Assessment: evaluates an individual’s risk of the nine most costly chronic diseases
  • Comprehensive Reporting: report and track individual and corporate wellness success
  • Corporate Lunch and Learns: on-site workshops that maximize health education
  • Disease Management: identifies potential future health risks in the employee population and provides intervention advice
  • Health Coaching: coaches build relationships with your employees to help them to improve their own health through setting goals and providing guidance and education
  • Health Fair Management: Wellworks For You will plan, schedule, and facilitate a Health Awareness Day where employees can take advantage of massage therapists, body composition screenings, educational information, and more.

Don’t wait; see how you can make corporate wellness work for you by visiting Wellworks For You online today.

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