Corporate Wellness Technology To Get Your Employees Motivated

Want your employees and coworkers to get up, get going, and get healthy?

Personal motivation is a great place to start, but if you want to build a comprehensive health and wellness plan that produces real results, you’ll need the right wellness technology resources to accomplish your goals.

corporate wellness technologyAfterall, it takes more than good intentions to create a healthy corporate culture; it takes corporate wellness technology specifically designed to help companies implement successful health programs.

That’s where Wellworks steps in. We have the resources, technology, and expertise to ensure that your corporate wellness initiatives are wildly successful.

5 Helpful Wellness Technology Offerings

Any successful corporate wellness program begins with the use of effective
corporate wellness technology. That’s why Wellworks prioritizes offering only the best, most effective tools in all of our programs. Here are a few of the high-tech tools offered by Wellworks:

  1. Pedometers
    Wellworks utilizes top-rated pedometers, such as those from Fitbit and Armitron, to power corporate walking competitions.
  2. Wellness Portals
    The Wellworks WW4U portal is a customized, interactive interface that participants of wellness programs can use to track progress with ease.
  3. Apps
    Wellworks offers both its own smartphone app with portal features and device/app integration for the use of popular devices in wellness programs.
  4. Data Analytics
    We utilize data analytics as part of our corporate wellness technology to design a personalized, comprehensive health plan for individuals.
  5. Telemedicine
    Wellworks is partnered with telemedicine provider Wellvia to offer remote, reliable, affordable healthcare and health counseling for clients.

Utilizing effective corporate wellness technology is essential to successful corporate wellness programs; and Wellworks is proud to offer only tested, superior tools and technology in all of our programs. To learn more about corporate wellness programs and the unique health and wellness technology that we can offer your company, contact Wellworks For You today!