Corporate Wellness ROI - A Proven Record

For years now, the return on investment of corporate wellness programs has been a widely accepted fact. More than two thirds of employers who utilize such a program report them as being effective in reducing healthcare costs. When it comes to wellness ROI, a lot of research has been done, including this article in the Harvard Business Review. The article described how one company identified its high-risk employes (factoring in body weight, blood pressure, tobacco use, etc.) before implementing their corporate wellness program, and tracked their progress. In a six month period, 57% of those high-risk employees were downgraded to low-risk, thanks to improving their health by participating in the program. That employer yielded $6 in healthcare savings for each dollar invested.

wellness roiThe financial return on investment of wellness programs is no longer questioned; it is enough to convince most employers that these programs are worth the initial cost. While the monetary benefits of corporate wellness ROI are a big draw, there are many other non-financial gains to consider.

Wellness ROI Statistics to Consider:

  • Companies with effective wellness programs enjoy 1.8 fewer absent days per employee.
  • Healthy employees are more productive – one study showed $353 in productivity savings per participating employee.
  • The same study showed that participants in a wellness program were 64% more likely to reduce the risk of obesity, and 56% more likely to reduce risk of inactivity.

Another sometimes-overlooked benefit of corporate wellness programs is the boost in employee morale. An effective program builds a partnership between employer and employees, resulting in greater company pride and trust. Participating and engaging in such programs creates deep bonds throughout the workplace, and it’s hard to put a dollar amount on that!

If you’ve not yet implemented a wellness program in your workplace, or if you’d like more information on the many types of wellness ROI these programs offer, contact Wellworks For You today!

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