Comprehensive Corporate Wellness Program Success

According to an article published in Fortune magazine, there are several elements that contribute to the success of a corporate wellness program.

What these factors have in common is that they derive from comprehensive, engaging and unique offerings. In addition to a wide variety of customizable employee health and wellness programs, Wellworks For You is dedicated to helping make your program the best it can be. In order to make your wellness program successful, it is important to be creative and intuitive when planning events and asking for participation. Take a look at a some of our engaging, integrative and convenient corporate wellness programs and how to incorporate them into your workplace.

Corporate Wellness Program Ideas

The more comprehensive a wellness program can be, the better opportunity for employee participation. That’s why Wellworks For You has designed our programs to be integrative and symbiotic to keep employees excited and engaged. For example, we offer:

  • corporate wellness programsA Wellness Portal – available online and through a smart app, enabling employees to access important health and wellness information and activities 24/7.
  • Onsite Preventative Screenings – to ensure employees have the tools to optimize health, a registered nurse will provide onsite preventative screenings on a monthly basis.
  • Data Analytics – with real-time reporting to keep track of incentive management, wellness challenges and other program results.
  • Health Coaching – with a certified health coach to optimize individual fitness, nutrition and healthy habits for employees.
  • Know Your Number – a health-risk assessment program created to flag specific modifiable chronic diseases.

Corporate Wellness Program Revitalization

If you have an existing wellness program in need of revitalization, consider forming a wellness committee to help with the workload and make suggestions. Or, hold a benefits fair to educate employees on the benefits of corporate wellness programs in your workplace. Try these additional ideas to maximize the value of your corporate wellness program:

  • Implement free healthy snacks at work to encourage a more balanced diet.
  • Set up an attractive display for relevant wellness pamphlets and important information.
  • Schedule stretch breaks throughout the work day.
  • Find individuals in your workplace to serve as “wellness ambassadors”.
  • Conduct a survey to find out what would most benefit employees in terms of satisfying their health and wellness needs.

If you need other corporate wellness program ideas for your workplace or would like to implement one of our many comprehensive and successful corporate wellness programs, contact us today, 800-425-4657.