3 Corporate Wellness Program Ideas For You

Are you implementing health and wellness in your company? More than two-thirds of the United States businesses are providing health and wellness for their employees due to the return on investment at hand. For many companies, they receive $1.50 in return for every $1.00 spent on wellness programs!

Why can’t that be you?

Here are some corporate wellness program ideas to get you started on the path to happier, healthier, and productive employees.

3 Corporate Wellness Program Ideas To Boost Your Existing Investments

corporate wellness program ideasYou may be wondering what existing investments we are referring to. Those investments show up everyday and give you their best:
your employees. Although you may not always feel like they’re putting forth their best effort, it could mean they just need a little encouragement – and a slightly healthier lifestyle.

About 86% of full-time employees are overweight or have a preventable disease. This keeps absenteeism on the rise and your employees’ productivity below its potential. So how do we encourage them?

Try some of these simple corporate wellness program ideas to get started.

Start a Community Walk

What better way to bring people together in a healthy environment than walking for awareness? You can hold a walkathon for a cause, helping others in need while encouraging your employees to stay healthy and developing camaraderie amongst each other.

Snack It Up

Provide healthy snacks for your employees in the break room. This will help aid in boosting their mood, weight control, energy and more! If you don’t have time to bring in healthy snacks, there are snack delivery services that can help.

Encourage Ways To Get Them Moving

From offering standing desks to meetings on the go – there are several ways to get your employees moving instead of slumping. Standing desks are becoming a popular trend, allowing employees to stand and move around rather than sit in a chair all day. If a conference call or telephone meeting is underway – encourage them to be taken by cell phone if possible, and send your employees out for a walk. If this isn’t enough – encourage your employees to track their steps with pedometers and create incentive rewards when they reach a certain amount of steps.

There are more ways to get your employees on the go with fun corporate wellness program ideas. For more information you can contact Wellworks For You at 800-425-4657.