Top 5 Tips For an Effective Corporate Wellness Plan

Charles Schulz always stated that “happiness is a warm puppy.”

We’d say that happiness is a workplace full of happy, healthy workers. As a business owner, you know that having a workplace full of happy and healthy employees leads to a workplace full of effective, productive employees.

That’s one of the reasons corporate wellness plans are becoming standard in many companies. Not all workplace wellness programs are created equal, however, so make sure that your program includes the following components.

5 Components of Successful Corporate Wellness Programs:

  • Practical and Accessible: A comprehensive wellness program isn’t a one-note plan. Make sure that your program offers classes for a wide variety of interests – cooking classes, yoga sessions, fitness challenges, and everything in between. Consider crowd sourcing some ideas from your employees to learn where their wellness interests lie.
  • corporate wellness plansTransform the Entire Workplace: What good is stressing a healthy lifestyle when your office is full of candy-dispensing vending machines? A successful corporate wellness plan practices what it preaches. Supply healthy snack alternatives, transform a corner or spare office into a “gym,” be mindful of office noise, in short – strive for a low-stress workplace that promotes total wellness.
  • Practice Integrated Wellness: Corporate wellness should be just as integrated as HR, workplace safety, and other infrastructure elements. Your employees will resent a program that tells them to lose weight and quit smoking if, in the meantime, they’re working in a stressful, or even hazardous, work environment. Just as your HR department strives to get to the bottom of any interpersonal issues, your Wellness department should focus on eliminating the roots of your employee’s unhealthy behaviors.
  • Incorporate Wellness into Existing Programs: Link your wellness program with your other employee support programs. When an employee is struggling with an emotional or physical situation that affects both their work and their health, it becomes a wellness issue as well. Make sure that your employees are secure in the knowledge that their health and wellbeing is paramount to you.
  • Offer Education and Screenings: Offer regular, voluntary, health screenings to help your employees keep track of their “numbers” like blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Schedule “lunch and learns” to educate employees on topics they are interested in, such as smoking cessation, or healthy meals on-the-go. In short, work to have a good understanding of what your workplace’s health needs are, then offer the support needed.

Would you like help implementing a corporate wellness plan at your workplace, or tips on improving an existing program? Give Wellworks For You a call, and we’ll get started on a customized wellness program today!