Corporate Wellness Philadelphia

According to City of Philadelphia Public Health, obesity rates for 2014-2015 were up to 33% – an increase of nearly 2% since 2008.

The same study demonstrated that in the same year, 31.6% of the population consumed at least one “sugary drink a day.” Additionally, 15.4% of Philadelphians were reported as having diabetes.

Many people want to live healthier lives and embrace wellness, but often aren’t sure where to start. The go to for corporate wellness Philadelphia employers call upon – Wellworks For You – provides all the information and resources needed to implement a comprehensive,  successful corporate wellness program.

Corporate Wellness Philadelphia Companies Can Count On

At Wellworks, we are here to help you evaluate and determine your wellness needs, pick and choose the services that would best fit your workplace environment, and implement wellness strategies to engage employees. Here are a few of the benefits our plans offer:

  • Comprehensive Wellness Portal with accompanying smartphone app – so employees can track steps, access important health information and nutritional resources, reference the company calendar and so much more.
  • Preventative Health Screenings – this is perhaps one of the most compelling aspects of corporate wellness programs Philadelphia employers seek as a way to encourage employees to take accountability for their health, ultimately helping to minimize company absenteeism.
  • Integrative Reporting – a health and wellness program in the workplace is only as good as the software, support and reporting capabilities behind it. Wellworks reporting options are easy, accessible and produce real-time results. Incentive tracking reports, comprehensive program reporting and assessing measurability is part of what Wellworks does best. We understand the necessity of evaluating the aspects of your health and wellness program which are working seamlessly and identifying those that require adjustment.

Wellness programs are not one size fits all. Each company has different needs. With that in mind, we offer a customizable package in order to give our clients just what they need.

For more on the best corporate wellness Philadelphia has to offer, visit our website. We’d love to help you get started on your Philadelphia-based employee wellness program.