Corporate Wellness Incentive Program

If you’re starting your own corporate wellness program this year, don’t forget about planning your own corporate wellness incentive programs. Incentives are the best proven way to get employees engaged in your new wellness program and stick with it for the long haul. They build good morale, create better teamwork opportunities, and are usually a lot of fun! However, care must be taken to present any corporate wellness incentive program to your employees. Your presentation could make the difference between an engaged office that is on board or a resentful office environment. Always use positive and encouraging language when discussing incentives with employees.corporate wellness incentive programs

Developing a corporate wellness program within your company will only serve to benefit you and your employees. It truly is a win-win situation. You can save money on healthcare costs and your employees can get some new wellness benefits along with the motivation to make some of those lifestyle changes they always talk about. Practically speaking, there is a huge variety of different corporate wellness incentive programs. 90% of employers currently offer some sort of wellness incentives to date. These incentives will be a huge attraction for potential future employees.

You can offer educational incentives, like health history questionnaires or biometric screenings. These are great preventative actions that can help employees identify possible risk areas early on. You could offer action-based incentives – employees earn rewards through improving their health in some way. You could also offer specifically targeted incentives. These are personalized incentives that have each employee in mind. Since everyone is different, this is a great way to help all your employees get engaged on a very personal level. All of these corporate wellness incentive programs are a great way to get started. If you need more information about what a successful wellness program looks like, contact Wellworks For You!

Corporate Wellness Incentive Programs | Corporate Wellness Incentive Program