5 Corporate Wellness Ideas For You!

Companies across America are implementing corporate wellness into their everyday
routines. Motivating employees to stay healthy is the new trend that’s not only
catchy, but truly benefits both the employee and the business.

With more than of the United States using wellness programs – getting started is easier than you think. Wellworks For You provides you with wellness programs that are customized specifically for your employees needs.

So what are some corporate wellness ideas to integrate into your business? We’re happy you asked!

Corporate Wellness Ideas To Get You Started

  1. Take a poll and ask your employees what health concerns are most important to them. Based upon the results, schedule a Lunch and Learn with Wellworks For You to address these concerns with your employees.

  2. corporate wellness ideasProvide resources to help your employees quit smoking. According to the CDC, an estimated 40 million adults smoke cigarettes. This increases the risk of respiratory issues, heart disease and more. Get started with a Smoking Cessation Program with Wellworks For You.

  3. Have you ever wished you had someone you could depend on to give you sound nutrition and health advice? You can now provide just that for your employees. With the help of health coaches, you can give you employees the gift of reaching their personal health goals to keep them loving their healthy life.

  4. Get your employees out walking, and having fun! With wellness challenges they can compete as a group, or individually. The goal is to create a habit of health and walking. With our pedometer programs and interactive WellTrek program, your employees will finally enjoy taking steps towards their health!

  5. Reward your employees for all the dedication they are applying to a healthy life. Wellworks can help you offer incentives to your employees to keep them running towards the goal of healthy living.

For more information on how you can get started with implementing these corporate wellness ideas, give us a call here at Wellworks For You today at 800-425-4657.