Corporate Wellness Days: The Perfect Kick-Off to Workplace Wellness

It seems like everyone is talking about “wellness” these days, and with good reason. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that companies with wellness programs can reduce their overall healthcare costs by as much as 55%, and decrease sick days by 32%!

corporate wellness daysHowever, simply starting a wellness program isn’t good enough. Without employee participation, it doesn’t matter how amazing your program is. If your employees aren’t engaged, they will not reap any of the benefits you are offering them.

This is where corporate wellness days come in handy. Whether you are about to launch a brand new wellness program at your office, or if you are simply looking to boost participation in an existing plan, hosting wellness days at work is a great way to do so.

Sometimes the obvious benefit of improved health is just not quite enough to motivate someone. Adding a little extra incentive can work wonders on the success rate of your workplace wellness program. Remember that not everyone engages in the same way. While some employees may respond well to competition style reward programs, others may crave a more educational “workshop” type of system.  By offering an array of ways to engage, you can be sure to reach a higher percentage of your employees, thus reaping maximum return on investment for your wellness program.

Corporate Wellness Days – Competition:

  • Pedometer Challenge – Employees earn points for walking the most steps in a day/week/month.
  • Point system – earn points each time you visit the gym, for taking a nutrition class, or each time you bring your own lunch to work.
  • Reward – Allow points to be redeemed for time off from work, or gym memberships.

Corporate Wellness Days – Workshop:

  • Host a Health Fair – Give your office access to massage therapists, blood pressure screenings and more.
  • Invite local health and nutrition experts to give lectures and presentations.
  • Teach stress relief techniques, and yoga/stretches that can be done in the office.

For more corporate wellness day ideas, contact Wellworks For You today, and get your employees, (and yourself!) on the track to health.

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