Trying to Stand Out as a Corporate Wellness Consultant?

With a rise in health and wellness awareness, large companies and individual professionals have sprung up almost overnight in order to fill a need within America’s workforce for quality wellness coaching.  Corporate wellness consultants have begun vying for client accounts and striving for quantifiable results. Individual corporate wellness consultants face the difficulty of competing with large corporate wellness companies that have more to offer and more manpower to give. So what can be done for you, as an individual consultant, in this competitive market?

The answer might surprise you. Team up with your competition. Find a corporate wellness company that supports individual wellness coaches, and get the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Using a Corporate Wellness Company for Your Client’s Needs


Customization for Your Clients

corporate wellness consultantsA large corporate wellness company is able to offer a wider variety of programs and support for individual businesses than what you could offer on your own. As a workplace wellness consultant, you can directly benefit from the variety of programs offered by working alongside a wellness company to offer all of these options. You can then individually customize each wellness program to match your client’s specific needs.

Access to Proven Technology

Technology advances occur daily. New social media sites and popular apps are constantly changing, demanding the cooperation of businesses and individuals alike. A workplace wellness company that has already developed and tested the most trusted apps, websites, and electronic devices will streamline your efficiency, allowing you to leave the endless research and frustrating glitches to the other lone wolf corporate wellness consultants.

Support for Your Brand

While teaming up with a corporate wellness company has obvious benefits, you may be thinking that your individuality as a corporate wellness consultant might be swallowed up within the larger branding of the wellness company. But if you could find a company that is dedicated to helping you brand yourself, while also benefiting from your client’s wellness programs, the only question left for you should be “Why not – why not utilize the resources, expertise and experience of a corporate wellness company in order to offer better services and better branding?”

At Wellworks For You we are dedicated to spreading a culture of health in the workplace, no matter what avenue that takes. We are happy to assist corporate wellness consultants in their efforts to promote workplace wellness. And as such, we are happy to promote your business and your brand.

Because this is about much more than making a buck. It’s about cultivating a change in the American workforce that brings an entire generation of people to a realization of all that life can be. Work with us to bring change.

Call today for more information about how our established wellness programs can benefit your wellness consulting business.