3 Corporate Wellness Benefits You Can’t Pass Up On!

Are you in the market for wellness in the workplace? As one of the most highly demanded health tools in businesses today, corporate wellness is skyrocketing. Though, there is a debate on if it’s really worth a try – Wellworks For You has the facts to prove it.

We’ve compiled corporate wellness benefits that you can’t pass up, exemplifying why wellness in the workplace is so vital to a successful business.

3 Corporate Wellness Benefits Vital To Your Business


1. Your Employees Will Develop Camaraderie
     If you haven’t noticed, employees tend to hang around the water cooler. Water
cooler gossip tends to cause disturbances among your employees – causing a shift in production, morale and overall ambience in the office.

When you incorporate wellness corporate wellness benefitsprograms into your company, you’re giving your employees the benefit of working together as a team. Sure, they work together as a team already – but with what motive? Is it something they’re really passionate about? Give them an opportunity to live a healthier, longer, more fulfilling life! With a health goal in mind – your employees can work together by having corporate marathons, wellness challenges and more. This will have the effect of lowering stress and boosting serotonin.

2. Your Absenteeism Will Drop As Your Profits Increase
     According to studies published by Investopedia: The Causes and Costs of Absenteeism, roughly $3,600 a year is lost per employee thanks to absenteeism. This is not just sick leave that’s being utilized, but loss of production as well. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a staff full during the cold and flu season, rather than empty chairs? Health & Wellness coaches with Wellworks can help your employees achieve the strong immune systems they need to succeed. This will ultimately increase profit due to the lack of absenteeism, improved employee attitude, and boosted production.

3. A Stress-Free Environment
     Can you imagine? Perhaps corporate wellness won’t take away 100% of the stress in the office, as some stress is inevitable. Thanks to our exercise, pedometer, disease management and telemedicine programs – the stress just dropped significantly. Not only do our programs help balance the stress levels of your employees, but our Wellness Portal does as well! With such easy, stress-free accessibility to all of your employees wellness programs and accomplishments – your corporate wellness benefits allow you to live a headache free life as well!

For more information on how our corporate wellness benefits are suited for your needs, give us a call today at 800-425-4657. You can also download our wellness flyer.