The Best Corporate Health Resources to Use

Wellworks For You is a wellness program management company that provides customized products and services and corporate health resources for companies looking to save money on healthcare related costs. Employers know that healthier, more energetic employees are less likely to cost the company money and more likely to be productive at work. In addition, they are happier, more satisfied in their work environment and feel genuinely cared for by their employer. Implementing a strategically planned wellness program is a win-win for everyone involved!corporate health resources

There are many specific corporate health resources available and depending on the size of your staff and the actual health needs of your participants, a wide variety of programs and educational tools can be implemented. A Wellworks For You client account manager will work hand in hand with your company to determine the best course of action. It all starts with access to a private-labeled, custom web portal that’s branded for your company and offers secure logins for your employees. It’s through this portal that all wellness program activity and results will be tracked and all health information will be kept confidential, according to law.

In addition, a Wellworks For You program can include access to other helpful corporate health resources, such as a monthly, company-wide wellness newsletter, a Visa-based rewards incentives program, a company message board, a customized wellness calendar and a helpful online appointment system to coordinate a health coach program.

Of course, your program would be at a loss without the helpful data that can be collected from a resource like a traditional health risk assessment or a Know Your Number assessment. With the numbers in place to help you make the best decisions for your company’s wellness program, you’ll have the best chance at success with your efforts. It’s time to start saving money with a corporate wellness program designed specifically for you! Call us for more details.

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