Corporate health coaching: What’s it all about?

Corporate health coaching provides a way for employers to offer targeted, one-on-one strategies for employees to improve health. Improved employee health is correlated with lower company costs on health and improved employee satisfaction in the workplace. So what’s the idea behind corporate health coaching?corporate health coaching

This service gives individuals the opportunity to discuss their health goals and options with a qualified specialist. A health coach provides guidance about ways to change lifestyle and diet, based on goals, current lifestyle, and targeted testing (such as health risk assessments). Whereas a therapist will focus mainly on psychological and social issues and a doctor addresses health problems such as illness and disease, a health coach is like a counselor to help you reach your optimal well-being.

What’s in it for the company? Actually, quite a bit. According to 42 studies completed on the effectiveness of wellness programs, it was found that companies experienced an average reduction of 28% fewer sick days taken when they implemented a wellness program. In addition, they also averaged a 30% reduction in disability and worker’s comp! The “soft benefits” also can’t be underestimated. People who offered wellness programs at work report higher satisfaction levels with their jobs, which gets reflected in better employee relationships and company culture!

What are the benefits of corporate wellness coaching?

Wellness professionals provide motivation and guidance to help their clients improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. They might help a client eat better, stop smoking, lower their stress, lose weight, meet their fitness goals, etc!

A wellness coach is different from a physical therapist or nutritionist, because the wellness coach will speak into overall life patterns and goals, rather than addressing a specific health problem with particular exercises.

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