A Corporate Health Coach Program

When it comes to health and fitness, maintaining goals can be difficult. Even those who begin with enthusiasm and drive can find that their determination dwindles over time. Why? There are several possible reasons: time limitations, difficulty maintaining a healthy diet, or uncertainty whether a diet or exercise plan is sustainable. Usually, a combination of several of the previously mentioned factors and other circumstances are working together against you.

A corporate health coach program can help managers to develop health and wellness strategies specifically for individual employee needs. Health coaching also offers one of the greatest benefits to maintaining health and wellness: accountability.

A Corporate Health Coach Program Suited to Your Workplace

Wellworks For You offers a corporate health coach program designed for small and large corporations across the nation. The number one key to wellness program success is engagement. If your employees aren’t excited or engaged in your wellness program, corporate health coaching can help remedy wellness apathy in the workplace. Roles of a health coach can include:

  • Nutritional insight
  • Stress management tools
  • Weight management strategies
  • Individualized fitness programs and exercises
  • Tips for improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels

In addition to implementing strategies for optimum health and wellness, a certified wellness program manager serves as an accountability partner to help employees to stay on track.

Wellness Support in the Workplace and Beyond

A corporate health coach program provides added support and engagement within a workplace wellness program. A health coach can be a physical, mental and emotional wellness mentor to your employees. We have seen great success with a variety of health coaches around the country.

Everyone loves to be supported as they try to do something new. If your employees are trying to lose weight, eat better, quit smoking, or improve their overall health, they may need a health coach to come alongside them. For more information about our corporate health coaching program, contact us at Wellworks!