There’s much to be learned from the phrase “continuity of care.” While the concept generally refers to the inclusivity of various areas of health led by a primary care physician, the process can be found and spearheaded elsewhere. Many workplace wellness programs are incorporating “continuity of care” as part of their comprehensive offerings. Take a look at how comprehensive workplace wellness programs are making a difference in work environments and beyond.

Five Areas of Workplace Wellness Continuity of Care to Learn From

Continuity of care is often linked with the senior population, as integrated healthcare services become more necessary. However, continuity of care can be found elsewhere—nearly everywhere, in fact.

Why is continuity of care important? No matter your age, taking a proactive approach in keeping up with all areas of personal care has the potential to decrease the likelihood of issues from developing, such as hypertension, diabetes, and other preventable conditions. Continuity of care includes three components:

  • Informational: Assessing personal medical history to make informed healthcare decisions
  • Management: Managing patient needs based on current circumstances and anticipating changes
  • Relational: Consistent communication between providers to provide the patient with healthcare

Employers can help empower their employees to reap the benefits of continuity of care by offering:

1. Health Risk Assessments

Wellworks For You offers a diverse selection of health risk assessments to help employees take ownership of their health.

  • Continuity-of-CareThe Know Your Number evidence-based health risk assessment evaluates and informs individuals if they are at risk for modifiable, chronic diseases.
  • The TRALE health risk assessment provides insight into areas ranging from nutrition and biometrics to physical activity and stress.
  • The MindQ assessment is dedicated to evaluating mental health wellness.

2. Telemedicine

Not everyone has the time, convenience, and capability to go to the doctor, especially when it comes to preventative health visits. With telehealth technology, employees have access to healthcare 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

3. Health Coaching

Most people benefit from accountability. In addition to onsite health coaching, Wellworks For You offers telephonic health coaching with risk management strategy implementation to encourage continuity of care.

4. e-Learning

Through a Wellness Portal, employees have access to a number of webinars, modules, and self-study programs to help maximize health strategies in every area imaginable—nutrition, fitness, stress relief, modifiable diseases, and more.

5. Health Fair Management

Time and convenience are of utmost importance to employees who lead busy lives. Hosting a health fair offers a unique approach to continuity of care by enabling employees to take advantages of a number of healthcare services, such as blood pressure screenings, body composition readings, biometrics, massage therapy, and more—in one place on one day.

More Services to Encourage Overall Health and Wellness

Wellworks For You understands the power of providing services that focus on comprehensive health and wellness. Convenience is vital in assuring positive continuity of care outcomes. Our programs can be tailor-made to specifically and effectively empower employees to take ownership of their health and wellness in the workplace and beyond.

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