Have You Considered Preventative Medicine?

Are you the type to plan ahead and take precautions–or do you prefer to react to problems and situations as they occur?

While being a live-in-the-moment, reactionary-type person might work in other areas of life, in matters of health and wellness it pays to plan ahead. That’s because some of the deadliest threats to health can only be prevented by precautionary measures, rather than post-diagnosis treatment. That’s why considering preventative medicine is a critical part of any comprehensive health plan.

Understanding Preventative Medicine

If you haven’t considered preventative medicine yet, here’s a basic overview to familiarize yourself:

  • considered preventative medicineAbout half of deaths in the United States result from preventable diseases and behaviors.
  • Leading preventable diseases that pose serious health threats include cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, diabetes; preventable injuries are likewise responsible for a high percentage of preventable health issues and death.
  • Anything from healthy lifestyle modifications (abstaining from smoking, eating healthy, exercising, etc.) to vaccinations can be considered preventative medicine.

At Wellworks For You, we strongly emphasize the importance of preventative medicine, which we incorporate into our programs. We believe prevention is always preferable to treatment; and that’s why we’re proud to offer some of the most comprehensive health coaching, educational seminars, health incentive challenges (such as corporate weight loss competitions), and resources for better health management. All of our programs offer the tools and opportunities to begin preventing tomorrow’s health problems today.

From smoking cessation to preventative screenings, we at Wellworks consider preventative medicine to be at the heart of our programs and offerings. Whether you are overseeing a step/walking corporate competition to increase exercise or hosting an educational lunch-and-learn, you can be confident that the Wellworks programs you participate in are helping to promote long term health and wellness for yourself and all those who participate. If you’re interested in learning more about these programs and how they can help you to have a healthy future, contact Wellworks For You today!