Conducting a Wellness Assessment in the Workplace

Health risk assessments, also known as HRAs or wellness assessments, are designed to offer information about an individual’s current health status as well as potential future risks. Usually, a wellness assessment will cover just one broad category of health, so it may be necessary for a person to take more than one of these in order to have a full, comprehensive view of their health. Many workplaces are now implementing HRAs as a standard part of their hiring procedures. Here at Wellworks for You, we specialize in helping you onboard a system for incorporating HRAs into an already established wellness program.

Health AssesmentThe benefits of running a corporate wellness program are many. Not only will the activities and resources offerred to your employees be of great value to them in their personal lives, but the healthy environment that a wellness program can help achieve will also prove financially beneficial for your company. Making a wellness assessment a mandatory aspect of each employee’s participation in your overall program can get you started on the right foot. An HRA will provide valuable information for you concerning important biometrics that the rest of your program will be based upon.
As mentioned, a wellness assessment usually covers a specific aspect of a health category. For example, an individual could take an assessment for cardiac health, diabetic risks and fitness. When you use Wellworks for You to conduct testing and assessments, you can also take advantage of our customization services. We can brand your assessments, make your results available through your own web portal and consult with you as to how to take the results and then move forward and maximize the rest of your campaign. We’ll help you analyze information about your staff’s habits, histories and general health status. Then, we’ll develop activities for your company’s wellness program that will help to motivate change.

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