Comprehensive Wellness Services

Don’t Skimp on Wellness Services

The biggest mistake companies make in starting wellness programs in their workplaces is not offering comprehensive wellness services. Many people think they can just offer some healthy snack options in the breakroom and maybe have a contest or two to motivate people to participate. But to get truly great results from a wellness program, you have to offer wellness services that are comprehensive in scope and personally relevant in nature to your employees. The best way to do that is to put time, thought, and research into your corporate wellness program. There is no overnight magical fix to saving money on insurance costs company-wide. But if you carefully choose which comprehensive wellness service to implement, then you’ll see yourself up for success.comprehensive wellness services

Healthy Culture, Healthy ROI

The fastest way to saving money on insurance is through changing the culture of your workplace. Employees need to know why being intentional about good health is important. Have speakers come in and give presentations on topics that are relevant, like how to eat better, how to exercise wisely, and how to take small steps everyday towards health and wholeness.

Our smoking cessation programs are hugely successful because they help people beat a habit that they didn’t previously have the resources to fight. Communicating the message of wellness and good health clearly is essential in this first big step. Tell your employees why they’ll benefit from participating in all the comprehensive wellness services you’ll offer.

Practical Advice

Stick to comprehensive wellness services that meet people where they are at and are practical and accessible. Not everyone can afford to change their entire diet and buy more expensive food. Not everyone can work out at the gym for an hour every day. Not everyone can lose weight at a certain rate. Make sure to set the pace of “do what you can, when you can,” instead of an unhealthy competitive environment. People get discouraged easily, so hiring wellness coaches is one of our favorite suggestions. They can help keep people on track.

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