There are quite a few signs that indicate the possible presence of breast cancer. Knowledge and awareness are key for early detection.

Breast cancer detection and diagnosis has benefited greatly from the remarkable number of breast cancer awareness campaigns. These campaigns have been successful at familiarizing a massive number of people with the risks of breast cancer and the importance of early detection.

In spite of these efforts, approximately 40,000 women–in the U.S. alone–die each year from breast cancer. And among that number are many cases that could have been treated and reversed had the cancer been detected sooner and prevented from growing and spreading. One problem is that, while many women understand the risk of breast cancer, they have not been properly informed of the signs that indicate the presence of that risk.

Familiarity with common
breast cancer symptoms & signs can truly save lives.

At Wellworks For You, we’re passionately dedicated to promoting health and wellness, and promoting knowledge and understanding about breast cancer is a serious and critical task. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five key breast cancer symptoms and signs. We hope it helps to equip you with the information needed to recognize breast cancer symptoms early and get a head start on treatment.

5 Breast Cancer Symptoms & Signs To Look For

October is breast cancer awareness month. If you’re reading this in October, your timing is perfect. If you’re reading this during any other month, that’s great, too. Education and awareness about breast cancer symptoms & signs is important all year long. Read this list, share this article with your friends on social media, and help us to spread awareness of the signs that can enable early detection of breast cancer.

  1. Breast_Cancer_Quote_Img_10-7-16.pngNipple Sensitivity
    Itchiness or painful sensitivity of the nipple can be a warning sign of breast cancer. Look also for redness, scaliness, or thickening of the nipple, as well as nipple inversion.

  2. Breast Swelling
    Swelling, change in size (growth or shrinkage), or change in shape of the breast is another notable indication of possible cancer. Look also for increased warmth, redness, or darkening of the breast.

  3. Presence of a Lump
    The presence of a lump or hard knot within the breast area is one of the most important breast cancer symptoms & signs; lumps will typically form in the underarm or breast area and should be immediately assessed by a physician.

  4. Nipple Discharge
    Women experiencing nipple discharge should recognize this as one of the common breast cancer symptoms and signs. Most breast cancer-related nipple discharge will be clear or bloody; women who are not breastfeeding and experience milky discharge should also be examined by a doctor, though milky discharge is not always associated with cancer.

  5. Change in Breast Skin
    Irritation, dimpling, or puckering of the breast skin is another sign of possible breast cancer. If skin becomes scaly, red, swollen, or ridged, this should likewise be treated as a potential breast cancer symptom.

Breast cancer symptoms & signs should always be taken seriously. If you believe you are experiencing any of these telltale symptoms, it is critical that you be examined by a physician immediately–because the best way to treat breast cancer successfully is to catch it early. We hope this list from Wellworks For You has been helpful, and, remember–if you want the resources to promote health and wellness in your life or workplace, contact Wellworks For You today!