Boost Employee Involvement with These Incentives for Wellness Programs

As a concerned and conscious employer, you have no doubt realized the importance of improving health in your employee’s lives.  Not only does it eliminate the amount of sick days taken, increasing productivity, it also has a positive ROI in years to come with decreased health care costs.

Incentives-For-Wellness-ProgramsOver the past few decades, there has been a welcome rise in the use and development of wellness programs within companies.  These have proven an effective way to improve employee health; however, one of the biggest challenges facing employers concerning these programs is willing participation.

Under law, employers are prohibited from requiring participation in employee wellness programs.  Thankfully, there are many options available that can encourage greater employee participation.  Incentives for wellness programs are an important part of any employer helping their employees reach their health goals.

Below are some proven incentives for wellness programs that you can utilize to promote participation amongst your employees:

  • Wellness Dollars
    Award wellness dollars for various activities completed/choices made. These dollars can accumulate to be applied toward fitness related items (treadmill, bike, gym bag, workout clothing, etc.)
  • Public Recognition/Achievement Awards
    Recognize employee participation and success through the company newsletter, at company meetings, during wellness program ceremonies or other public avenues.  Award a certificate as part of the incentive.
  • Monetary Rewards
    One of the most proficient rewards used, offering monetary bonuses or gift cards to favorite establishments provides a tangible and desirable reward to program participants.  Make sure gift cards offered are ones that are not promoting further unhealthy choices.
  • Account Contribution
    Again, a monetary incentive, contribute to HSAs, FSAs and HRAs that are offered as part of your benefits program.  Offer term life insurance to those employees that complete a health risk assessment.
  • Team Contests
    Often a healthy competition will get people out of their seats and into the action.  Divide employees into teams and offer points for challenges completed.  For instance, challenge employees to at least 20 minutes of exercise a day and offer points to those that have completed.  Points can add up to receive a health club membership or other health related incentives.
  • Additional Vacation Days
    This incentive is almost as effective as cash.  Offer an extra paid vacation day as one of your wellness program incentives for employees that reach certain goals that you have established for the program.

These are just a few of the incentives for wellness programs that you can offer. Get creative!  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  Make sure you record participation results in order to track the most effective corporate wellness program incentives.

Wellworks For You provides more great resources for your company as you continue on this path to greater health and greater productivity!  Find more wellness program incentive ideas here or contact us today at 800.425.4657 for a customized health plan for your company.

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