Introducing the Easiest Workplace Pedometer Program for Your Business

Has your company implemented a pedometer program for their employees?

You should know that a pedometer program is one of the easiest and most efficient tools you can incorporate into an employee wellness program. At Wellworks For You, we’ve helped to implement walking pedometer programs at hundreds of corporate locations like yours and we believe that you’ll have a great experience with our pedometer program too! Let us tell you why.

Introducing The Ultimate Workplace Pedometer Program

You’ve probably noticed that most employees spend a significant time at their computer and on their phones. Wellworks For You understands that this comes with the territory of living in the tech age. For this reason, we created a customizable web Wellness Portal that syncs with a corporate wellness walking program used to track progress entirely online! Engaging technology for the purpose of exercise is the perfect way to get employees involved and maintain their interest in wellness.

When employees log into their portal, they can access a mapped route for their weekend walk, track their total steps for the past week, and see progress over time. The employees’ regular portal visits becomes key to retaining program participation.

Making it Even Better

Not only does Wellworks For You offer customize software to allow your employees access to their own online wellness portal, but we also offer a Wellworks For You smartphone app to provide individuals with even more convenient access, including access to the pedometer program! The app enables smartphones to serve as an actual pedometers, too. Here’s how:

  • Download our app from the app store (iphone) or the play store (android)
  • Login to your own wellness portal through the app
  • Click pedometer > use pedometer to start the phone’s sensitivity tracking
  • Click “start” when you begin to walk
  • Click “upload steps” when your walk is complete for automatic data processing and complete tracking right through your app

The Wellworks For You pedometer program makes it easier than ever for employees to walk their way to better health and wellness. If you’d like to learn more about this program and the other wellness-boosting programs we offer, please call us today at 800-425-4657.