10 Facts You Never Knew About a Wellness Portal

10 Facts You Never Knew About a Wellness Portal

Workplace wellness programs are a valuable way to help employees achieve and maintain their health and wellness goals. Having a program that includes a web-based, 24-hour accessible wellness portal is even better. Wellness portals offer a means of accountability and abundant resources. Wellness program participants can consistently track their steps, how much sleep they’re getting, and even their daily water intake. In addition to tracking physical progress, a wellness portal offers infinitely more value for your workplace overall.

A wellness tracking and resource software solution should be comprehensive, while also catering to a person’s individual needs. Find out how the Wellworks For You Wellness Portal produces positive results for you and your employees.

Check Out 10 Ways a Wellness Portal Paves the Way Toward Optimal Health

At Wellworks For You, our Wellness Portal not only has in-depth wellness tracking capabilities; it also offers many resources geared towards individual success. Check out 10 attributes of our Wellness Portal you may not have realized.

  • Tracking Health Information

People can’t change what they don’t know needs changing. According to a study referenced in a recent Forbes article, of the 84 million Americans who have prediabetes, 90% don’t realize they have it. How can we lower this percentage? By providing a safe, secure, and convenient online portal for people to track health metrics, including biometric screening results.

  • Fitness and Nutrition Dashboard

In an effort to avoid nutritional pitfalls and become more mindful about overall health, the Wellness Portal fitness and nutrition dashboard allows users to link a device or mobile app as well as manually track different metrics. Employees can monitor their weight, steps, water intake, calories burned, food log, and active minutes.

  • Onsite-Event Scheduler

The Wellworks For You appointment scheduler enables users to sign-up for onsite events that are a part of their Wellworks For You managed wellness program. The appointment scheduler feature is also available on the phone app and makes scheduling wellness program related appointments easy and convenient.

  • Health Coach Communication

Health coaches provide accountability, offer fitness and nutrition tips, and give workers additional resources to improve their health. Busy employees may not always have an opportunity to call their health coach during the workday, but wellness portal communication allows them the flexibility needed to remain connected and accountable.

  • Calendar of Events and Programs (ResultsNow – Programs and Events Page)

The calendar of events and programs feature gives employees access to a view of all wellness programs, events, challenges, and activities, in addition to individual details via the ResultsNow page. While users can view their upcoming events and activities, they can also see every task they’ve completed to date, as well as what’s still outstanding within their Wellness Program.

  • Smartphone App Integration

Many studies are illuminating the success of smartphone devices connected with an employee wellness program. In fact, 69% of adults in the United States reported tracking at least one health behavior using some sort of tracking device, according to one study.

  • Wellness Challenge Gamification Technology

Wellness challenges don’t have to be a chore! In order to help employees reach their nutrition and fitness goals, we’ve “gamified” some tasks to make the process more fun. Online access to the latest activities and challenges makes accommodating a range of health needs more convenient than ever.

  • Wellness Toolbox

Not looking forward to filling out a number of health-oriented forms and documents? Paperwork is always a hassle. But with the Wellness Portal, all of your information for paperwork is readily accessible.

  • Incentive Tracking System

Incentive programs keep employees motivated to obtain and surpass their individual health goals. A wellness portal enables employees to see exactly how close they are to reaching particular incentives.

  • Recipes and Grocery Lists

When time is limited and expectations are high, having access to easy recipes and comprehensive grocery lists are invaluable. Our online portal gives access to healthy meal planning and a corresponding grocery list.

Encouraging Health and Wellness in the Workplace

If you’d like to learn more about how offering employees a wellness portal can help them reach their goals and boost their confidence, a Wellworks For You expert is here to help. Set up a consultation now or call us anytime at 800-425-4657 if you have questions.