Learn about the dangers of smoking and how to get help. You know that smoking is terrible for you, yet you continue to put off quitting. There is always some excuse, some obstacle that allows you to tell yourself that you will quit tomorrow, or next week, or maybe next month. But that day never…

Shopping for a corporate wellness company? Make sure to do your homework. More and more employers are implementing corporate wellness programs in their workplaces.  In fact, 98% of companies (with 200+ employees) surveyed by the Kaiser Family Foundation in 2014 responded that they do offer their staff some type of wellness program. All of this…

November is Diabetes Awareness Month! Help us spread the word about diabetes. More than 94 million Americans suffer from the epidemic known as Diabetes. November serves as Diabetes Awareness Month, and our Wellness Health Coach Program here at Wellworks For You can provide you with useful information from the American Diabetes Association.

Have your cake and eat it too – with these simple tricks for staying healthy during the crazy holiday season. The holidays can be a daunting time for healthy eaters. Between the pecan pie, the stuffing, the gravy (oh my, the gravy!), there seems to be temptation everywhere we turn. Some folks choose to avoid…

Nothing motivates someone more than knowing they get a reward for their accomplishments. Are you trying to start a wellness program at your office? Are you starting to feel like it’s an annoyance to your employees? Or maybe even coercion? You have the right idea, you just might be going about it the wrong way….

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