Biometric Screenings—Five Common Myths

Biometric screenings offer several benefits as part of a workplace wellness program. Despite advantages such as offering invaluable health and wellness insights, saving both employer and employee money, and spurring participation in workplace wellness programs, it’s not uncommon for biometric screening myths to manifest. Learn more about how biometric screenings can help create an improved…

Boost Workplace Wellness with a Results-Based Health Coaching Program

Americans spend a majority of their time working. In fact, one recent article said that the average worker will spend “90,000 hours at work over a lifetime.” How insane! With so much time spent at work, there should be many opportunities to encourage the health and wellbeing of employees. Offering a Health Coaching Program as part of your corporate wellness program adds value and energy to both employees and employers with busy lives and little free time.

Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Workplace Wellness Challenges

Workplace wellness challenges have the power to increase employee participation and engagement in employee wellness programs. At Wellworks For You, we’re dedicated to researching and developing new, dynamic, and unique workplace wellness challenge ideas. That’s why we developed a Healthy Habits Gamification Challenge! Learn five ways this workplace wellness challenge entices employee involvement with unlimited…

8 Tips for Success with Corporate Wellness Solutions

When businesses invest in corporate wellness solutions, they naturally expect a return on investment (ROI). To ensure that employers and employees reap the full benefits of an employee wellness program, there are a number of factors to consider. For example, what is the current climate of your workplace in health, wellness and morale? What could…

Employees Weigh In—What Makes the Best Workplace Wellness Programs?

While several studies, reports, and evidence point to elements such as routine assessments, management involvement, clear implementation, and evaluation as the makings of successful employee wellness programs, what is the opinion of your employees? While employers have much to gain from the health and wellness of their workers, if their employee health and wellness program…

Five Lessons to Be Learned From Continuity of Care

There’s much to be learned from the phrase “continuity of care.” While the concept generally refers to the inclusivity of various areas of health led by a primary care physician, the process can be found and spearheaded elsewhere. Many workplace wellness programs are incorporating “continuity of care” as part of their comprehensive offerings. Take a…

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