Employees Weigh In—What Makes the Best Workplace Wellness Programs?

While several studies, reports, and evidence point to elements such as routine assessments, management involvement, clear implementation, and evaluation as the makings of successful employee wellness programs, what is the opinion of your employees? While employers have much to gain from the health and wellness of their workers, if their employee health and wellness program…

Five Lessons to Be Learned From Continuity of Care

There’s much to be learned from the phrase “continuity of care.” While the concept generally refers to the inclusivity of various areas of health led by a primary care physician, the process can be found and spearheaded elsewhere. Many workplace wellness programs are incorporating “continuity of care” as part of their comprehensive offerings. Take a…

Five Feasible Solutions for How To Quit Smoking

If you’d like to learn more about how to help employees quit smoking, Wellworks For You can help. In addition to offering customizable smoking cessation programs, we also have a diverse range of programs to help newly non-smokers to continue to improve their health such as health risk assessments, fitness and nutrition education and ideas, and much more.

Top 5 Benefits of Corporate Walking Programs

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there are many occupations that require sitting. Jobs associated with applications, software, bus driving, schools, accounting, and insurance sales were among the highest sedentary jobs, with employees spending between 80% to 90% of their day seated. Remaining seated for long periods of time can be health prohibitive. Walking programs for health and wellness in the workplace is one way employers are helping to combat the ill effects associated with a predominantly sedentary job. The results are happier, healthier, and more productive employees.

Three Benefits of Offering A Biometric Screening In the Workplace

Many comprehensive employee wellness programs offer a biometric screening service to assess a variety of potential health concerns. Biometric screenings can be beneficial to both employees and employers. For the employee, a biometric screening produces key insights into levels of personal health. For employers, biometric screenings allow changes to be made and new initiatives to…

Seven Insights Into How to Engage Employees In Wellness

Now is the perfect opportunity for employer and employee to unite in the effort to work toward improved health and wellness. With growing evidence to support the benefits that come from wellness in the workplace, like reduced absenteeism, healthcare savings, and increased morale, it’s not surprising that businesses are expanding their employee wellness programs. In…

Five Features of a Money-Saving, Successful Employee Health Program

The types of wellness programs implemented by businesses over the last decade have exploded. Why? According to a recent article, upwards of $225 billion is spent per year in employee-related illnesses and injuries—that’s $1,685 per employee. In addition to cost savings, a successful employee health program can also help improve the overall wellness and morale…

Five Steps for Spring Fitness Success

Keep Yourself Feeling Spry and Fly—Five Spring Fitness Tips to Try When spring has sprung, you’ll naturally want your exercise regimen to be fun. After all, everything is blooming and the sun is (sometimes slowly) making its way through residual winter weather. To keep your spirits and heart rate up, set your spring fitness regimen…

Your Goldilocks Guide to Outdoor Workouts

Get Ready to Bear Down and Get Fit with Easy, Yet Challenging Outdoor Workouts No matter where you reside, there’s always a Goldilocks time of year primed for outdoor workouts—not too hot, not too cold—just right! And, in addition to enjoying perfect weather, exercising in the great outdoors comes with several added benefits. While being…

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