Hosting a corporate lunch and learn is easy with help from Wellworks For You. We will take care of all the planning, provide quality resources, and ensure that the event runs smoothly. A lunch and learn presentation can be a great opportunity to reach a wider number of employees and to encourage involvement in the…

According to recent studies, too much sedentary time, like time spent sitting at a desk, can lead to dangerous conditions including higher rates of type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. This sedentary time spent at work contributes to weight gain and detracts from overall health. This is news for employers and employees alike to…

There are a thousand theories out there about how to develop successful stress management practices. What strategies are the “right” approaches to handling stress; when do you have time to implement them and how will you know if they’re working? These very questions can be stressful! When it comes to dealing with stress, a key…

3 Efficient Wellness Program Incentives That Work

3 Possible Wellness Program Incentives According to a RAND Health Report, an estimated 84% of employers with workplace wellness programs offer wellness program incentives. The same study referenced a much higher health-screening participation rate (57% more for clinical screenings) for employee wellness programs offering incentives.

The Best Corporate Health Coaching Program in the Industry

How Does a Corporate Health Coaching Program Work? As one of the fastest growing occupations, health coaching and health education employment is estimated to increase to 21% from 2012 to 2022. According to another recent study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, in a health coach initiated weight-loss program, participants lost “more than 9-percent…

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