Why Mental Health Matters in the Workplace

Why Mental Health Matters in the Workplace

Mental health in the workplace statistics from 2018 and onward may appear dismal at first glance. What exactly do these stats demonstrate? With poor mental health in the workplace on the rise, employees and employers are seeking ways to tackle burnout, anxiety, and other mental health obstacles they encounter on a day-to-day basis.

At Wellworks For You, we help company leaders, human resources managers, and employees to collectively work on improving mental health where they work. Although depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues are steady foes, impacting nearly everyone to some degree from time to time, there are methods of managing these conditions. Find out how you can boost mental health in your workplace with the following comprehensive strategies.

What Do Current Statistics Tell Us About Mental Health in the Workplace?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), approximately one in five adults in the U.S. has a mental illness—that’s upwards of 46.6 million people (2017). With an increased awareness of how mental health can impact a person’s productivity and overall livelihood, companies from varying industries are exploring their role. From large corporations to small businesses, every employer plays a part in the mental health and wellness culture of their work environment—the statistics prove it.

  • Fewer than one-third of Americans express being satisfied in their work
  • 18% of employees in one U.S.-based study reported being unhappy in their current job position
  • Mental illness is the number one cause of disability for Americans between the ages of 15 and 44
  • Mental illness impacts the global economy by $1 trillion in lost productivity
  • Mental health issues are the top reason for absenteeism (over illness or injury)

Consider these stats your wakeup call. With greater mental health awareness in the workplace, employers can thoughtfully consult with experts to discern what strategies are most potent and pliable to implement at work. Read on for a detailed list of helpful improved mental health initiatives for employees of every level.

Tips on How to Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health in the workplace is a delicate topic to dive into, but it can be one of the best things a company can do for its employees. In an effort to mitigate the negative impacts of work-related stress, depression, absenteeism, and loss of productivity, review the following tips on how to respectfully address mental wellness:

  • Offer Mental Health Resources

Many companies offer health coaching to their employees. A health coach is a certified expert as well as a trustworthy, private source of support. In addition to offering stress management tools—like teaching yoga or recommending classes, introducing breathing exercises, and providing resources on meditation—health coaches can give workers exercise and nutrition guidance that will provide a holistic boost.

  • Raise Awareness of Mental Health

You can’t provide support if your company does not understand the importance of mental health. Likewise, employees cannot help themselves if they don’t realize they are having issues.

There are several ways that businesses can help raise awareness. Some companies choose to host a mental health in the workplace presentation. Hiring a medical professional, such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, nutritionist, or another certified mental-health expert, to discuss a specific mental health topic is particularly helpful.

A more subtle approach to spreading awareness is sending a company-wide email offering access to mental health support resources. Make sure your team remains informed about the help that is available.

  • Keep the Conversation Going

Setting up an anonymous way for employees to share their grievances is one way to determine how to effect positive change. It’s also important for those in leadership and human resources roles to present themselves as go-to assistants. When employees know who to turn to in the workplace if and when they are struggling, they are less likely to internalize and more likely to seek help.

At Wellworks For You, we’re committed to helping provide a safer, healthier, and happier work environment. If you’d like to learn more about the programs and services we offer to enhance mental health in the workplace, schedule a consultation now or call us at 800-425-4657.