A Health Risk Assessment that Yields Real Results

A Health Risk Assessment that Yields Real Results

A workplace health risk assessment has the potential to help employees take ownership of their health, protect them from modifiable chronic diseases, and improve the overall health and wellness of your work environment. Furthermore, health risk assessments have the power to reduce absenteeism, cut health insurance costs, and improve your employee wellness program ROI.

Quantifiable Health Risk Assessment Data in Full Detail

Wellworks For You has three health risk assessments that produce quantifiable results. All three options enable employees to be accountable for their physical and mental health. For employers, these health risk assessments can provide in-depth data to help improve the overall health and wellness within your workplace (and beyond.)

According to the CDC, an effective health risk assessment included in an employee wellness program can help answer crucial questions about your workplace wellness culture, including:

  • Health issues that impact the health and wellbeing of employees
  • Workplace problems or scenarios that directly affect the health of employees
  • Safety and health concerns of employee

Mystery Revealed: Three Successful Health Risk Assessments

Wellworks For You offers employees:

Know Your Number® Health Risk Assessment

Health-Risk-AssessmentAs an evidence-based educational tool, Know Your Number evaluates each individual employee for some of the most costly chronic diseases—CHD, stroke, CHF, diabetes, and lung, breast, colon, and prostate cancer. Simple reports will clearly display an employee’s disease risk along with a peer comparison for accuracy. The primary purpose of health risk assessments is to show employees whether they are at risk for any of the listed conditions. Most of these conditions can be prevented or treated with changes to lifestyle, behavior, and diet.

TRALE Health Risk Assessment

To keep tabs on more general health risks, the TRALE Health Risk Assessment reports on employees nutrition, tobacco use, vehicle safety, physical activity, alcohol use, stress and depression, current health, women’s and men’s health, and biometric measures.

MindQ Mental Health Risk Assessment

One aspect of health risk assessments that can miss the mark is the mental health component. Not so with the Wellworks For You MindQ Mental Health Risk Assessment that evaluates stress, emotional health, and overall wellbeing.

Health Risk Assessment Results

Comprehensive health risk assessments provide employees with feedback to enable proactive action toward achieving positive wellness goals. Additional benefits of health risk assessments include:

  • Addressing wellness and disease management
  • Providing a personalized risk reduction plan
  • Supplying gender and age-matched risk comparisons for clarity
  • Offering results based on evidence and disease risk remodeling
  • Communicating nine different chronic disease risks (if applicable)

If you’re interested in more information about effective health risk assessments or employee wellness programs offered by Wellworks For You, contact us anytime at 800-425-4657.