Breathe new life into stale workplace wellness programs. Nothing brings down morale like a gray, rainy spring. Summer fun seems so far away when galoshes become daily wear and you carry an umbrella everywhere you go. Have the overcast skies left a gray cloud hanging over your office? Are your normal health and wellness activities…

Encourage total wellness by promoting healthy minds, bodies and souls. When you think of workplace wellness, what comes to mind? Running 5Ks as an office? Replacing the vending machine with fruit baskets? While those are both great workplace wellness ideas, a truly effective and well-balanced wellness program goes way beyond that. Encouraging physical wellness by…

Arm yourself with enough wellness challenge ideas to last you through 2016! Health and wellness have seen a drastic increase in recognition over the past 15 years as many people are beginning to realize that their quality of life is just as important as their success in life.  Thankfully, smart companies are realizing the added…

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