Are You an Expert in Custom Wellness Platforms? Take This Quiz to Find Out

A work environment filled with happier, more productive employees with improved levels of wellness can certainly indicate success. What other signs demonstrate your workplace’s custom wellness platforms are succeeding? Find out if customizable wellness options can fulfill the needs of your workplace. Five-Question Quiz to Gauge Your Knowledge of Custom Wellness Platforms As employers and…

A Crash Course in Wellness Program Objectives for Success

Understanding the impacts of workplace wellness can lead more employees to success in both their professional lives and overall well-being. At Wellworks For You, we specialize in learning what each individual company needs to improve the health of their organization. As leaders in corporate wellness, we help businesses like yours to identify wellness program objectives….

The Cost of Wellness Programs: Worth Every Penny

According to Harvard Business Review, employee wellness programs that focus on a disease-management element can generate $136 per program participant, per month. Additional research indicates that medical and healthcare-related costs may account for 50 percent (or more) of company expenditures per year. So, when it comes to the cost of wellness programs versus cost savings—especially…

Five Simple and Innovative Ideas For Health Fairs

Employers seeking to inspire wellness in the workplace should consider hosting a health fair to create an atmosphere of encouragement, support, and excitement. At Wellworks For You, we specialize in ideas for health fairs that will encourage employees to take ownership of their health. In addition, these health fairs cultivate environments of wellness integrity and…

3 Reasons to Host a Corporate Lunch and Learn

Employees must eat! What better way to feed the bellies and minds of employees than with a corporate lunch and learn? With tightly-packed work days, employees often appreciate a discussion on wellness awareness during a free lunch hour. Corporate lunch and learns are a strategic avenue to excite and motivate a work culture in subscribing…

Three Reasons Employees & Employers Love Workplace Pedometer Programs

A recent study demonstrated that after an introduction to pedometers, previously inactive individuals increased their activity levels by 2,500 steps per day. Because employers are becoming more aware of the advantages of encouraging the healthy habits of employees, workplace pedometer programs are on the rise. At Wellworks For You, we routinely help companies of all…

Boost Workplace Health with Five Innovative Wellness Program Structures

According to recent studies, 86% of workplace wellness programs offer incentives. Employee Wellness Program incentives can often be tailored to involve cash rewards, premium discounts, and more. At Wellworks For You, we recognize that individuals are motivated differently, which is why we developed a collection of customizable program strategies for the workplace. Offering employees the…

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