Biometric Screening Results Make For Healthier Employees

Offering employees a biometric screening as part of an employee wellness program promotes overall health and wellness in the workplace. When employees are empowered with the knowledge of their own health statistics, such as BMI, cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose levels, and blood pressure, they are supplied with a reason to improve their health. With biometric screening…

The Modern Rules of Corporate Fitness Ideas

In order to implement corporate fitness ideas into the modern workplace, you’ll need insight into the needs of the modern employee. Whereas corporate wellness workouts may have once had a “one-size-fits-all” structure, corporate wellness programs are now adding a high level of customization into fitness. Corporate Fitness Ideas Designed for the Modern Workplace According to…

Seven Easy Fitness Challenge Ideas to Motivate Employees

Tired of the same old fitness challenge ideas? Although many workplace wellness challenge ideas are loaded with the best intentions, they may not always meet the expectations of employees. Today’s employee wants motivation, support, and customization in workplace health and wellness. To help increase the likelihood of employee participation in workplace wellness programs, it may…

Six Essential Components of a Successful Corporate Wellness Company

Did You Pick the Right Corporate Wellness Company? Research demonstrates that the desire for healthier businesses is on the rise. As employers become increasingly interested in the health of employees, the search for a reliable and results-oriented corporate wellness company becomes a priority. But what should business leaders look for in a corporate wellness company?…

Biometric Screenings—Five Common Myths

Biometric screenings offer several benefits as part of a workplace wellness program. Despite advantages such as offering invaluable health and wellness insights, saving both employer and employee money, and spurring participation in workplace wellness programs, it’s not uncommon for biometric screening myths to manifest. Learn more about how biometric screenings can help create an improved…

Boost Workplace Wellness with a Results-Based Health Coaching Program

Americans spend a majority of their time working. In fact, one recent article said that the average worker will spend “90,000 hours at work over a lifetime.” How insane! With so much time spent at work, there should be many opportunities to encourage the health and wellbeing of employees. Offering a Health Coaching Program as part of your corporate wellness program adds value and energy to both employees and employers with busy lives and little free time.

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