Maintain Your Path To Wellness With Healthy Lunch Ideas At Work

No more fast food for you!

The workplace environment isn’t always the healthiest one. In fact, if you are just starting out on a path to wellness, your workplace can be a detractor for your health goals. Between bagels, muffins, or donuts for morning meetings and your co-workers constantly replenishing that office candy bowl, it can be hard to stay on track.

And, if you find yourself working through lunch you may grab anything to curb your appetite and meet your deadline. Going out to lunch with you co-workers daily can halt the progress you’ve made on your path to wellness. Healthy lunch ideas at work is one of the many ways you can maintain your path to wellness.

According to The World Health Organization, one-third of our lives are spent in the workplace.

healthy lunch ideas at workWellworks For You cares about the health and wellness in the work environment. We specialize in providing corporate wellness programs so that you have the tools available to you to get healthy and stay healthy. Knowing how to eat healthy meals is another way Wellworks For You can help you reach your wellness goals.

Tips and Tricks For Healthy Lunch Ideas at Work

The old adage you are what you eat still rings true today. Our bodies will thrive off foods that provide nutrients that fuel our bodies. Eating unhealthy processed foods daily can wreak havoc on our health. So first things first, eat healthy whole foods.  Fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats. Incorporate these foods into your healthy lunch ideas at work, and you’ll stay on track toward better health.

Another way to be successful for your wellness goals is to prep your lunches for the week. Go grocery shopping, buy whole foods, and prepare your meals for the week. Having healthy foods already prepared to grab and go gives you the advantage and helps you avoid pitfalls of cubicle candy or that drive-thru lunch.

Stay on Track With These Healthy Lunches

Make it a Wrap – Instead of that regular sandwich switch it up with a whole grain tortilla, and wrap it up. Choose your meat of choice and add fresh lettuce, tomato, onions, cucumbers or any veggies of choice. The more the merrier. Or, you can even skip the whole grain tortilla and make a lettuce wrap. Mix up a healthy vinaigrette and pour onto your wrap.

Chopped Salad – Chopped salads are versatile and hearty. You won’t go hungry with one of these salads. Chopped romaine lettuce, chicken, fresh tomatoes, avocados, chickpeas, corn, feta cheese and a light dressing of your choice makes this a healthy and satisfying alternative to those drive-thru lunches.

Better Burgers – No one says burgers have to be off limits when you switch to a healthier lifestyle. Substitute with ground turkey instead of ground beef. Combine with a whole grain bun, delicious fresh produce, and you’ve made a healthier burger.  You can even drop the bun, and make a protein burger wrapped in lettuce.

If you want to implement healthy changes in your workplace, call Wellworks For You today!