Top 5 Types of Corporate Wellness Programs

Top 5 Types of Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness programs have become increasingly popular as a means of increasing employee well-being while decreasing health costs. Employers interested in adding a new element to the company atmosphere by investing in wellness programs have many options to choose from. What are the types of corporate wellness programs that your company might consider? Here are the top 5, all offered by Wellworks For You:

  1. Wellness Assessments. You have to start somewhere, and a wellness diagnosis is as good a place as any to do so! Biometrics are an important resource for any wellness program, and Wellworks For You has found efficient ways for gathering this data and importing it. This is a type of corporate wellness program that will give you a greater sense of what direction to move in for your other programming.

  2. Onsite Preventive Screenings. Prevention strategies are a key part of wellness for a lifetime. Our onsite preventive screenings allow your employees to utilize the services of licensed nurses. Testing of blood pressure, cholesterol, and other measures are a simple and low-cost way to stop bad things before they get worse, so that the interventions can begin sooner (when they are most important).types of corporate wellness programs

  3. Smoking Cessation Program. Smoking is one of the habits with the worst health consequences, because it disables many of the functions that you need in order to maintain health (breathing for proper exercise). But nicotine is infamously one of the hardest drugs to drop! Our smoking cessation program can help your employees meet their goals and finally be freed of smoking addiction!

  4. Pedometer program. Travel the world…with our pedometer program! Walking is a great way to gain strength and improve many aspects of health and fitness. Our pedometer program tracks your steps during the day, encouraging you to incorporate more and more into your life!

  5. Health Coaching. Through a system of assessing readiness to change, collaboration, and education, health coaching is one of the most effective ways to help employees make the lifestyle changes they want. Because health coaching is inherently customizable, it means that employees are more likely to benefit from this service.

Wellworks For You offers many types of corporate wellness programs that we hope will help your company become a more relaxed, yet energized, place. Talk to us and we will help you choose the types of corporate wellness programs that best fit your company’s needs.