Corporate Wellness Walking Programs: We’ll Walk You Through

October is National Walking Month—a wonderful time to walk because the leaves are changing, the air is cool and breezy, and the sun is still out and shining. Your company may want to take advantage of this time by implementing a corporate wellness walking program. This program will encourage employees to get out and enjoy the weather while improving their health.

Corporate wellness walking programs have become increasingly popular as corporations recognize the importance of the connection between the health of the body and the health of the brain. Employees can work better when they are healthy; moreover, prevention is much more cost-effective than treatment. Companies cut down on insurance costs when they implement wellness programs such as a customized corporate wellness walking program.

What are Corporate Wellness Walking Programs?

corporate wellness walking programsWellness walking programs are designed to inspire everyone to get out and make walking a priority. In a typical walking program, individuals track their steps (with a pedometer) or minutes spent walking in order to reach a goal of steps/minutes per day. Typically a goal of around 10,000 steps (close to five miles is recommended).

Over a typically 6-12 week span, individuals become habituated to incorporate walking into their routines while having fun and bonding with their colleagues. Programs may vary in length, systems used, incentives, and structure (for example, employees can be separated into teams and make group goals, or compete against other teams for a prize). Ultimately, the wellness walking program should help everyone in the company improve their health and build a positive company culture at the same time.

What Kinds of Corporate Wellness Walking Programs are Available?

At Wellworks For You, we offer several types of walking programs which are easily customizable to suit the needs of your company. Our challenges often incorporate healthy eating into the daily targets for walking, increasing the long-term positive effects of their new habits. Our challenges tend to be around 6-8 weeks long.  

One of our walking programs, called the Wellness Passport Challenge, specifically aims to encourage you to incorporate and maintain healthy habits throughout your day. Each week, you must complete a new habit in order to “travel to your next location.” With the idea of “traveling the world,” you download a Passport form which lists your upcoming healthy habits during the challenge. As you complete each habit, you check it off—while following along on our map to find where you are in the world!

Wellworks For You: Every Step of the Walk

Depending on your company needs, budget, and priorities, Wellworks for You can provide you with a wellness walking system that will get everyone out and about! There are a variety of options and we serve many different types of companies. Contact us today to get started.