How to Get My Employees Healthy, And Other Important Wellness Questions

If you have found yourself asking how to get my employees healthy, you likely have a vested interest in corporate wellness.  Whether you are the owner of a small business or work in human resources of a large corporation, the health and wellness of your employees can make a positive difference in your atmosphere, productivity, and even spending.  However, it is one thing to know you want to help your employees live healthier lifestyles, and it is quite another to know how to make that happen.  Fortunately, Wellworks for You is dedicated to helping you achieve these goals.  Let’s get started by answering a few important questions about corporate wellness.  

How to Get My Employees Healthy?How to get my employees healthy

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.  This old proverb is distinctly true in the world of corporate wellness.  You cannot force healthy habits on your employees, but you can inspire, inform, and motivate.  In the long run, these latter strategies can make a huge difference in the overall wellness of your employees and business.  The way you answer the question of how to get my employees healthy will depend on their unique needs and personalities.  Does your office enjoy some friendly competition?  Perhaps a Pedometer Challenge would be a great fit.  Or, if you are looking instead for a smaller time investment with a big return, consider a Corporate Lunch & Learn to spend time as a community while learning about the topic that is most important to you.  Whatever program you choose, the key is to engage those involved.

What Does Technology Have to Do With Wellness?

If you are asking “How to get my employees healthy,” technology may not be the first thing that comes to mind.  However, corporate wellness programs that utilize technology like online portals or Fitbits are significantly more engaging.  They offer a way for participants to continually be plugged in to their wellness challenge goals and progress.  Some, like the targeted disease management technology from Wellworks for You, actually integrate a participants health information, providing a 360-degree view for health and wellness coaches.

Who Can Help Our Business Achieve Its Goals?

Whether you want to help your employees get started with healthy habits like exercise and eating well or quit unhealthy habits like smoking, Wellworks for You can help make those goals a reality.  With a wide variety of programs and specialists to help you personalize each one to your business’s needs, they can help your team make the positive steps necessary to a healthier life.  

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