A Multifaceted Approach to Targeted Disease Management

What does targeted disease management mean to you?  For some, it may be that they have determined a health concern they need to tackle head on. For others, it may mean anticipating future risks and working to reduce those.  For you, as an employer, it likely involves both concern for the wellness of your employees, as well as consideration of healthcare costs.

Targeted Disease Management

Whatever targeted disease management means to you and your business, Wellworks for You is dedicated to helping you and your employees take both preventative and responsive measures to improve health and wellness.  Combining both outreach to those already at risk and predicting others who could benefit from early intervention, our programs work to promote healthy lifestyles and better quality of care.

Clinically Based, Creating Resultstargeted disease management

There are a variety of targeted disease management options available to employers, but Wellworks for You stands out with our clinically based, multi-faceted approach.  Through a unique platform of technological tools, we are able to integrate all aspects of participants’ health information, providing health coaches with a full profile that actually outshines that of many physicians.  

While many wellness programs offer good advice or incentives, but lack clinically-focused interactions, at Wellworks for You we are able to incorporate the actual health information of each individual to assess risks, identify existing gaps in healthcare, and create action plans for real, measurable improvement.  This combination increases the quality of care your participating employees receive while simultaneously decreasing corporate healthcare costs in the long run.

Personalizing for Engagement

The key to any successful corporate wellness program is engagement.  At Wellworks for You, we realize this fact and make personalization a major component of our approach.  Instead of offering a generic one-size-fits-all disease management approach, we work to target the specific needs of individuals.  In addition to helping us provide more specific, accurate health coaching and risk assessment, it allows us to set goals that are measurable and achievable.  When people can actually see the steps they need to take and the progress they make along the way, their engagement increases over the long term.  

Wellworks for You

Whether you are looking exclusively for targeted disease management or are curious about a broader approach to corporate wellness, Wellworks for You can help.  In addition to our proprietary disease management system, we offer a range of other options to help improve wellness among your employees.  From lunchtime seminars to long-term pedometer programs, we will help you choose and customize the right program and approach for your business.  

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