How to Make the Most of Incentive Management

Why Use Incentive Management?

If your company offers any type of employee wellness program and is interested in implementing a system of incentives to further encourage participation, an incentive management program is a vital piece to keeping things organized and easily accessible in your office. No matter who is in charge of keeping tabs on participation and rewards, an incentive management program or software will make his or her job much easier, efficient and mistake free.

What Incentive Management Program Should I Implement?incentive management

Incentive management processes should match your company’s efforts and needs. A comprehensive platform that is scalable to your unique goals is the best product to look for. Wellworks For You’s management program called ResultsNow! is a scalable platform appropriate for managing incentives of all kinds in businesses of all sizes. In fact, when you choose to use our system, our staff members will work with you from beginning to end. This means that wherever you are starting from, even if it is from scratch, our employees will equip you to succeed!

We help clients design, implement and manage a host of different incentive programs. Rewards in each differ because our clients range in size and needs. However, the way we manage these incentives is the same. ResultsNow! provides our clients with a platform that organizes and manages the various incentive programs that are available. The platform also gives participants access to view their personalized participation, progress and rewards through their personal Wellness Portal.

About Wellworks For You

Wellworks For You is a Pennsylvania-based company that, for the past six years, has been aiding companies all over the world in preparing, initiating and managing wellness programs for their employees. We assist clients in the mundane, everyday managerial tasks related to keeping a program up and running and well as in the larger decisions concerning what things to offer, when to change programming and how to manage incentives.

Our list of programming is extensive and always being revised and added to in order to provide for all of our valued clients the best possible options for their workers. We offer everything from health risk assessments to smoking cessation programs and health coaches.

Our creative and dedicated staff members always look forward to meeting the needs of clients both new and old. For more information about how we can help you, contact us today.