Discover the Power of a Workplace Wellness Newsletter

What is a Workplace Wellness Newsletter?

A workplace wellness newsletter is a type of newsletter made up of informational and educational articles, lists, announcements, pictures and so on that helps keep the employees of your business up to date on the latest health trends, topics, events and much more. These newsletters can be distributed throughout your office in hard copy or digital form, depending on your specific needs. For some businesses a small newspaper design is needed, while for others something more like a brochure will work better. The goal of the newsletter is the same for any company but will inevitably take on new shapes, sizes and topics when customized for each.

How can Workplace Wellness Newsletters Benefit Your Company?workplace wellness newsletter

Workplace wellness newsletters are an important piece of any company’s wellness programming. By incorporating a frequent newsletter into your other efforts, you can help keep employees continually engaged and participating in health and wellness thinking and action. Depending how customized your newsletters are, you can also use this tool to inform your employees about specific events happening through your wellness program in and around your office. Newsletters help keep interest levels up and can help increase participation rates by making your employees aware of a wide range of health topics on a frequent basis.

Choosing Wellworks For You

When Wellworks For You is given charge of providing your company employees with workplace wellness newsletters you can expect great results. Our newsletter designs provide interactive articles, tips of the month, and trivia questions. We go above and beyond providing these monthly newsletters and also provide employees with weekly email reminders about current health activities, challenges and other ways to get involved in your company’s wellness programming. Our goal in utilizing this tool is to make the most of the opportunities it gives us to relay important information.

Wellworks For You is proud to provide workplace wellness newsletter services for our clients. We also specialize in several other areas of workplace wellness programming including:

  • Health Fair Management

  • Incentive Management

  • Lunch and Learns

  • Pedometer Programs

  • Know Your Number Assessment

  • Comprehensive Reporting

  • Health Coaching

  • and Many More!

Contact us today to learn more about any of these exciting opportunities or to begin designing your customized wellness program. We believe that the secrets to creating the most successful workplace wellness programs are customization and variety and we consider ourselves specialists in both! We look forward to working with you and hope to hear from you very soon.