Quick Workout Ideas for Every Area of Your Body

Exciting, Quick Workout Ideas

There are so many engaging ways to stay in shape. Many activities can be done with simply your body and some open space. Adding in something like a resistance band, yoga ball, weights or any type of machine make the list of quick workout ideas almost endless. One of the major keys to staying motivated with working out is to mix things up. Stay engaged and challenge your body by incorporating several of these quick workout ideas in your daily routines.


Running, especially when you change up your pace, can be a great way to get in a quick, but rewarding workout. Running outside is invigorating and a fantastic idea for those looking for ways to increase their intake of fresh air! If the weather is not cooperating and you find that running is the best quick workout idea for you, investing in a treadmill may not be a bad idea.

Whether you are inside or out, runs mixed with quick walking, light jogging and sprinting are true calorie burners. If you are looking to get your heartrate up, burn calories, increase endurance and tone some muscles, try these types of runs.

Strength Trainingquick workout ideas

More interested in toning muscles? Try a quick strength training yoga routine or grab some free weights or bands. Quick workout ideas that utilize these tools include creating a routine that incorporates all muscle groups. Keeping the number of reps to a minimum and focusing on intensity can provide just as good of a workout as doing a ton without giving it your all. Exercise or yoga balls are also great tools for indoor and outdoor strength training type routines.

Sport and Games

Although it may seem obvious, many people fail to recognize how great of a workout a quick bikeride or tennis match can provide. As the weather warms up in the coming months, the number or quick workout ideas will increase. Consider taking up rollerblading, volleyball, soccer, swimming or any number of other physical activities. Your time participating in these activities doesn’t have to be long to be effective for your health.

How Wellworks For You can Help

We all know that working out is a worthy pastime, but many of us struggle to stay motivated and active enough to see any change. If you would like a partner in your quest to stay healthy, contact Wellworks For You. We provide a wide range of programs that help our clients stay fit and excited about doing it. From custom designed pedometer programs to health coaching accountability partners, we can give you that extra push you may need to get going and stay moving!