A Quick Review: The Many Services of a Corporate Wellness Management Company

Wellworks for You, a corporate wellness management company, has the unique opportunity to assist employers with providing their employees with a successful and engaging corporate wellness program. If well-executed, a corporate wellness program can benefit both the company and the individual.

Our ROI is proven – we can help you lower the cost of your healthcare and related costs. But the environment in your office and the health of your employees will also greatly improve. Employees that are healthy tend to be happier, more productive, and more invested in their work. We offer a variety of corporate wellness management services to assist your company in the best way possible. Each wellness program is customizable, depending on which aspects are relevant and or needed in your workplace.


Wellness Services

·         Corporate Lunch and Learns: an educational and informative way for accomplished health experts to come in and share with employees on a variety of topics.

·         Disease Management: targeted towards specific risks, our disease management program can help inform employees, predict future potential risk, and promote a healthier lifestyle.

·         Onsite Preventative Screenings: Wellworks brings the doctor’s office to you – onsite preventative screenings can help identify potential health issues early on.

·         Wellness Challenges: designed to help employees maintain daily healthy habits, increase physical activity, and have a more balanced diet. We have a variety of challenges available.

·         Health Coaching: Utilize our health coaches to keep your employees motivated and on track to improve their health.

·         Know Your Number Assessment: this health risk assessment tool incorporates a patented analytics methodology that can also be used to educate individuals if they are at risk for any disease.

·         Health Risk Assessments: comprised of 4 types of assessments, our health risk assessments can identify general health risks, cardiac risks, diabetic risks, and fitness risks in employees.


Management Services

·         Comprehensive Reporting: allows both employer and employee to track ongoing progress. HIPAA compliant and confidential, our reporting system will aid in organization of data.

·         Incentive Management: use our personalized incentive tracking system to monitor and get reports on a monthly basis.

·         Health Fair Management: Wellworks will schedule and facilitate an annual Health Awareness Day for your company – take advantage of blood pressure readings, body composition readings, massage therapists, and much more.

·         Newsletters and Bulletins: Wellworks will handle producing and sending monthly newsletters to employees as well as a weekly email blasts with important announcements.

Various Programs:

·         Smoking Cessation Program: in addition to many smoking cessation resources, we offer a 6 week program to help employees finally quit smoking.

·         Pedometer Program: track your success through the use of pedometers, complete with daily progress graphs. Our programs are compatible with Omron and Fitbit pedometers.                             

·         Wellworks Rewards: along with incentives, Wellworks will help you develop a rewards system that offers your employees continued motivation on their journey towards a more healthy lifestyle.

If any of our services catch your eye, then perhaps it’s time for you to hire one of the best corporate wellness management companies. Take the extra step and contact us to find out more information. Your employees will thank you. Providing excellent wellness services to your employees is surprisingly rewarding, so don’t miss out. Call our office or visit our website to find out more.