3 Reasons to Host a Corporate Lunch and Learn

Hosting a corporate lunch and learn is easy with help from Wellworks For You. We will take care of all the planning, provide all the resources and ensure that the event runs smoothly. Lunch and Learn events are a great opportunity for a larger number of employees to get involved in your company wellness program through an educational, interactive program. corp lunch learnAlthough these events are short (they are usually mini seminars that take place on site during the lunch hour), they provide an abundant amount of information and are interactive and enjoyable for those who attend.

3 Reasons to Host a Corporate Lunch and Learn

1. Easy Access to Quick Information

A corporate lunch and learn can be hosted right inside of your office building. This allows employees an opportunity to participate in a wellness program activity with little to no inconvenience. Their schedules will not have to be disrupted by traveling and they won’t feel any pressure to have to pay for any food or extra services. By hosting a lunch and learn during your workplace lunch hour, you are offering a perfect way for those who may have not been very involved beforehand to get a taste of what your wellness program has to offer.

Be sure to clearly communicate/advertise the time and place of the meeting and encourage your previously engaged employees to discuss the event around the office to get the word out.

2. Practical Information

When Wellworks For You plans a corporate lunch and learn for your employees, you can expect tcorporate lunch learnhat a good amount of very useful information will be communicated during the time allotted. No matter what the topic of the lunch and learn, we will ensure that the best possible resources make it into the hands of those who attend and that a quality presentation on the subject is given by a prepared and talented speaker.

3. An Interactive Environment

Depending on the goals you’d like to reach through your lunch and learn event, Wellworks For You will customize the experience for your employees. One way we can customize a meeting like this is to allow at least a small amount of time for a question and answer session with the speaker or a time of discussion amongst those in attendance. Depending on the topic and what you’d like to accomplish with the event, we will determine what level of interaction is appropriate.

A lunch and learn event can be very helpful in encouraging employees to gather information on health topics that interest them as well as to open up and share encouraging stories with one another. For more information about planning your next event, contact us today! We look forward to working with you.